I'm an italian tattoo artist and illustrator, actually I'm creating NFT art. 

I draw everything that inspires me, emotions like fear, sadness and anger are what I can represent best. 

My subjects are usually female faces, where I can find all those features useful to explain what I want.

The Girl #26 Tengu

This is a tengu, a Japanese demon. I like to imagine her bored with his job as protector of the mountain so look far away, where she can never go.

The Girl #19 Aluka

This is one of those designs that I particularly love, it will be the bloodstain or the nineteenth-century hair, but it is really special

The Girl #17 Sidra

I imagined a very old alien, with an experience of millions of years. I wanted to create it with a respectable and fearsome look ... Sidra eventually came out.

The Girl #28 Kappa

Kappas are monsters that eat children, but she doesn't really like the traditions of her race ... so we can say she's a bit unusual as a monster.

The Girl #27 Kitsune

Kitsune are Japanese demons who deceive those who give them rope ... and how can we not deceive such a beautiful girl?