ntf stands for "non-fungible token" and means "irreplaceable token."

 It is a means of digital tokenizing artworks such as artworks and music, games, videos, and real estate in virtual space. 

 If nft is set, all data such as the initial production date, owner information, and transaction history of the work are stored in the blockchain, making forgery or alteration impossible. 

In other words, nft is a "activation mark" of digital assets. 

 Bitcoin, a virtual currency, issues tens of millions of identical coins, but there is only one original in nft. 

 It is referred to as an 'irreplaceable' token. Since nft can give virtual assets the value of scarcity and uniqueness, its influence has been rapidly increasing recently, especially in the fields of digital artworks, online sports, and game item trading. 

 Typically, a 10-second video clip created by digital artist "Biffle" can be viewed online for free at any time, but it was sold for $6.6 million (7.4 billion won) on the nft exchange in February 2021, and Tesla Choi Like virtual currency, nft also has a separate exchange. 

 Until now, overseas platforms such as Opensea, Foundation, and Non-Origin are dominant. 

 Transactions are usually made with virtual currency 'Etherium'. 

 In order to purchase nft, you need to connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the nft exchange. 

 A representative cryptocurrency wallet is metamask. Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that can store and remit cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum. 

 After purchasing Ethereum from cryptocurrency exchanges such as Upbit and Bithumb, You can purchase the desired nft by remitting it to the created and connected metamask wallet address.